Dear Reader

I am Nairn McIntyre (the one being used as a surf board) I am a former security professional and bodyguard and I now work in the Scottish court and prison system transporting prisoners.

I live just outside Glasgow, in Scotland and I am married with 5 kids.

I have been reading for as long as I can remember and as a youngster I was always to be seen with a book. Whilst growing up I was introduced to the fantasy through J.R.R Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings series and fell in love with the genre.

I recently decided to write my own fantasy novel and was advised to write a blog as a way of possibly building a potential audience. So here we are!

I will try to update my blog on a regular basis with my progress, including as much as I can about the writing process that I go through.

I hope you enjoy my blog and thanks for reading.



11 Responses to About

  1. Hi Nairn. Thanks for the follow 🙂 I love the pic of you and your family! I’m looking forward to exploring your blog.

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  2. Thank you so very much for stopping by my blog and for following. I am honored and look forward to seeing more on your blog too.

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    • Hi Tony,
      Thanks for the nice comment. No problem on the follow I look forward to getting more of a chance to explore your blog further.
      Please stay tuned as I have two books on the go for review at the moment and Feb is looking to be another great month for fantasy releases, also I will be putting an update on my own book up soon.

      Thanks again


  3. married2arod says:

    Cute family! How’s the writing going? I’m working on fantasy as well, but for young adult…about dragons. I do a sunday post-up where you can share a snippet of your work. I did a little of my dragon fantasy on it. Good luck! …I found you on OM’s blog.

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    • Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog and for the lovely comment. I am very proud of my family. I will certainly stop by your blog and have a good snoop around. Fantasy is great I love writing it and I have recently started writing a sci-fi novel also. Have you read any of the Godsland books by Brian Rathbone? He is mad on dragons.

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  4. Jen Falkner says:

    Hi Nairn. Thanks for the follow. 🙂 I’ve really enjoyed poking around here and look forward to your updates!

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