Easy Christmas Mince Pies

Add some festive cheer to your baking with another tasty recipe from my darling 8 year old daughter!

Bake All The Things

Happy 1st of December!  I love Christmas 🙂 So I think its legit to start our countdown celebrations now.  I opened my advent calendar this morning and decided it was time to start the Christmas baking.

My dad’s very favourite is Mince Pies so I thought that was a good one to start with. My mum doesn’t think she is very good at making pastry so we had originally bought some pre-rolled stuff to use for the pies.  But then we came across a recipe that said it was fool proof and kid proof.  My mum said the best part of it is that you do not need to roll out the perfect pastry you simply pull bits of your dough and moosh it in to your silicon tray and this gives you a lovely crumbly and perfect pastry case.

It is so simple to do.


225g cold butter, diced

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