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The Chimera is a beast from Greek mythology made up of “normal animals”. The Chimera lived in Lycia a place in minor Asia where it ravaged the land with its fiery breath.

The Chimera is a fire breathing creature that has the body and head of a goat as well as a head of a lion, a snake for a tail and sometimes it has wings.

The Chimera is the sister of Cerberus, Hydra, Manticore, Sphinx and Ladon so it is the daughter of Echinda and Typhon and it has many more brothers and sisters.

The Greeks thought that you would see a Chimera just before a ship wrecks or a volcano erupts.

The most famous occurrence of a Chimera in Greek mythology is when the hero Bellerophon, with the help of his trusty flying steed Pegasus, killed the Chimera with a bow and arrow from above.


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