Salted Caramel Chocolate Brownie

The new favourite cake in our house from my wonderful daughter

Bake All The Things

One of my new favourite things to make is salted caramel.  I learnt to make it because I tried it on a doughnut one day and my mum said it was actually easy to make.  When I eat something I like I enjoy learning to make it because you can then experiment and come up with new ideas.  So if the shops near you don’t sell it you don’t need to go without.

We were going to make brownies and my mum suggested we tried to add our salted caramel to it.  We weren’t sure if it would work but we used our brownie recipe and our salted caramel recipe and just added them together.  Both recipes work separately so there was a good chance they would work together and it did!  If you try this recipe you can let me know if you think it works too.

Ingredients (Makes around…

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