My son’s blog on all things beastly. He came up with the idea for the creature in my own book too!

The Big Beast Blog

A boggart is a type of ghost/spirit.  It feasts on fear some boggarts may only scare you when others might try to rip you apart or throw boulders at you.  For these ghosts are most the time not dangerous  but as I just told you can be very deadly.  If a boggart gets trapped somewhere it does not like it it will cause as much harm or be as mischievous as it can.  If annoyed it might smash plates together or open a get to let farm animals out, but if happy they might clean dishes or clean out pens you get the idea I hope.  Now lets get the fun part.

Hall knocker.

Hall knockers frighten people by rapping on wall, banging doors and generally causing a nuisance.  If all your window and doors are closed tight when you go to bed but you are still woken by slamming…

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