Perseverance is the key

Recently I have found writing to be a bit of a struggle; be it on my book, my blog or even just on twitter (some may see this as inevitable with the arrival of child number 5!)

I haven’t lost the love for any of these things but I just couldn’t seem to get motivated to do much with them. I would read blog posts from other people and keep up to date with goings on in the blog-o-sphere but as an outsider rather than a participant.

I realised what was happening early on and each day I forced myself to sit looking at my tablet or laptop reading and re-reading the chapter I was working on. Some days I would come up with something to write and some days I would just stare at the screen blankly.

One of my chapters took me a couple of weeks to complete but I did complete it and move on to the next chapter. I updated my chapter word count spreadsheet tonight and realised that I have completed three chapters and almost 10,000 words.

I suppose the point of this post is just to say that even when your mind is blank and you have no idea what you want to write, sometimes just persistently forcing yourself into that writing place will accomplish more than you expect.

In the time I have been away I have finished so many great books that I just won’t have the time now to review them all so I will give a short review for each on my next post.

Thanks for taking the time to read.


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One Response to Perseverance is the key

  1. Hi Nairn! I’d say you rather have a lot on your plate right now.i think it’s fantastic that you’ve managed to write three more chapters with everything you’ve got going on. Congratulations!


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