My First Nomination!!


I received my first ever nomination today for the Versatile BloggerAward from the wonderful Kim at By Hook or By Book.

Kim’s blog features lots of great reviews, mainly in the YA genre, and other wee fun bits and pieces. Please check her blog out here By Hook or By Book.

Thank you Kim for this honour.

The fifteen blogs I would like to nominate (in no particular order) are:

Now for the really hard bit, the facts about me. The VBA rules state that I must give 7 facts about myself, but as my friend and nominator gave 10 I will attempt to do the same. Here goes:

1. All of my children’s names start with a vowel.

2. I was once a bodyguard.

3. I was also once a lifeguard.

4. I have a lightning bolt shaped scar running down my right cheek from eye to jaw bone.

5. I don’t watch sport.

6. My kids are all home schooled.

7. My dad’s dad served with the U.S Army Air Force and my mum’s dad served with the RAF in World War II.

8. I always wanted to play piano.

9. I try to be happy all the time as I like to see people smile.

10. I hate talking about myself.

I know the last one was a bit of a cop out but it is true.

Once again thanks for taking the time to read.


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3 Responses to My First Nomination!!

  1. Awesome Nairn! Hmm. A lining bolt scar? Did you have an encounter with Voldemort perhaps? I always wanted to learn how to play the piano as well!

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