Yes I am still here

I would like to offer my apologies for my complete lack of posts in the recent weeks. Things have been piling up around me and I just haven’t been able to get on top of them.

I have a ton of reviews that I should have done and even more posts that I should have read and given their due. Unfortunately I just haven’t found the time to do any of these as I have been working longer hours in my day job and been over tired by the night when I would normally write/blog/tweet.

The reasons for all of this? My wife is due to give birth to baby number five soon which means I will be taking a couple of weeks off work on paternity leave. Now normally this would be great but the company I work for only pay basic paternity pay which means I will be losing out on quite a lot of cash for those two weeks so I have been working every hour that I can to compensate. I also think that my thyroid meds are not high enough at the moment which has been causing me to feel tired all of the time but I will get that checked at the end of April.

I know this just sounds like a load of excuses but working full time whilst helping with the home educating of our children, running a part time business and writing is just taking up more hours than there currently are in one day.

I promise I will try and get back to posting regularly but you must bear with me for the time being.

On the writing front I have just finished chapter 18 of my fantasy style book, which was a big one at 5k words, and I am still plodding away at my dystopian/futuristic/sci-fi book.

Thanks for all of your continued support.


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One Response to Yes I am still here

  1. You’ve got so much on your plate Nairn, I don’t know how you manage! I’ve found that people are pretty understanding when life interferes with our blogging/reviewing so don’t worry.

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