Notes, notes and more notes

I know I posted something about this last time but I thought I would reiterate it in this post.

If you are writing a book and are new to this whole type of thing, then please keep a notepad just for notes.

Notes on characters, places, events, and any other things that need noted. I promise you it will save you hours of flipping through previously written chapters searching for things that you wrote months ago.

I would love to say that I have learned from my own lessons but sadly no, I am still just writing and having to chapter flick to find my previous descriptions. I believe that this is because it will take so much of my writing time to go back and re-read and everything and jot notes.

To update any of you who are following my progress I have now written 45,000 words and I’m working on chapter 17 of my fantasy novel and 5,000 words and have an intro and most of chapter 1 for my sci-fi style book.

Thanks for reading

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