Review of Firefight – Brandon Sanderson

4th February 2015

Firefight – Brandon Sanderson

I thought I would start this review by describing this book in as few words as possible and then expanding on this description. Well here goes Fast, Exciting, Romantic, Awesome and finally Annoying.

What’s that I hear you say? Annoying doesn’t fit with the rest of the description? Just keep reading and all will become clear, eventually.

This is Brandon’s second book in his dystopian, futuristic, young adult Reckoners series. It places the main protagonist into a new city, with new characters and new challenges to overcome.  If you have read book one in this series, Steelheart and enjoyed it then you will definitely love this.

To me this book felt like it was extremely fast and not only because the audio book was just over eleven and a half hours long. The pace of the book is supersonic from the start and will have you engrossed until you finish it. Not only is this book fast but with all of the action packed into it, you will find it explosively exciting (I know I did!). Mixed in with all of the action is a certain amount of romance, but instead of detracting from the pace and excitement it adds to it, pushing the story on and giving it more dimensions than a multi-dimensional, super-human person.

This book, like many other works by Brandon Sanderson, screams awesome from the minute you open the front cover (or in my case press play) until the last word is read.


The version I listened to was read/narrated by MacLeod Andrews and he has certainly maintained the high standard that fans have come to expect of a Sanderson audio book.

You can check out this and all of Brandons other great works at or you can read the reviews on Goodreads for this book by clicking on the cover image below.

Firefight (Reckoners, #2)

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