Review of Providence of Fire – Brian Staveley

26th January 2015

Providence of Fire – Brian Staveley

I have been waiting for this shael spawned sequel to Emperor’s Blades since early last year and sometimes it felt like an eternity until Providence of Fire would be released, but holy Hull was the wait worth it!

I never thought it would be possible for Brian Staveley to top his first novel, but he has done it in style. Providence of Fire is bigger, bolder and brasher than its prequel and it will take you on a roller coaster of a ride that will see you drastically changing your opinions of some main characters while discovering more of the Annurian Empire and the world it inhabits.

Mr. Staveley’s ability to grow, develop and then utterly destroy some of the relationships along with a fast, hard action and a captivating story will leave you wondering where he will lead you next. By the end of this book you will not know who you should like, trust or believe and like many of us you will be screaming for the third book in this series.

I listened to this book in audio format with the wonderful Simon Vance back as narrator and only finished it this morning, but already I’m having withdrawal symptoms. It is a sad day when a year has just started and already you are wishing it would end, but that is how I now feel (If I wasn’t already bald, I would be pulling my hair out) waiting for the final instalment in this trilogy.

I had this book placed at number two in my most anticipated releases for 2015, but book three has now secured the No. 1 spot for next year. I honestly believe that we are witnessing the birth of one of the greatest series in epic fantasy and that Brian Staveley will be thought of as one of the genres greatest authors. If you haven’t read either of the books in the Unhewn Throne series then you need to get to a Kent kissing book store pronto and sort it out.

If you don’t believe my review then click on the cover image below and see what everyone else thinks of it on Goodreads.

Thanks for taking the time to read.

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