Half a King – Joe Abercrombie

29th December 2014

Half a King – Joe Abercrombie

I had been apprehensive about reading this book as it was sold to me as Joe Abercrombie doing a Young Adult book. I absolutely love Joe Abercrombie’s other work but for some reason I just wasn’t too sure about him writing young adult (possibly something to do with all the sex, swearing and violence in his other books).

Well after reading some reviews I decided to give it a bash and thank the Tall gods that I did.
The story follows a young prince, Yarvi, as he tries to regain a throne that he never wanted in the first place and we accompany him on his many trials and tribulations along the way.
I am currently about half way through this short book (it’s about 9.5 hrs) and can’t wait to see where it takes me next on the journey and how it all pans out in the end. The audio book is read by Ben Elliot who in my opinion does a good job of bringing the characters to life in your ears.

Having finished this book I would highly recommend it as I found it a highly enjoyable and entertaining read. As always Joe Abercrombie’s world building skills are second to none and his characterisation is superb. His main character Prince Yarvi is likeable and you actually care about what happens to him.

If you want to find out more about this or any other of Joe Abercrombie’s work, then you can check him out at http://www.joeabercrombie.com/

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