The Next Milestone and issues with grammar

In the past week I managed to write another chapter bringing my total word count to almost 22,000 and taking me past my next milestone of 20k words. From past experience in life I have found that in order to keep myself motivated on a task I set myself small goals which will in turn lead to completing my overall objective. In this case my objective is to write my first fantasy novel but I have broken that down into 10,000 word blocks. I am aiming to reach between 100-150,000 words for this book but realise that this will take some time to get to. I used to teach this approach to objectives to my clients when I was a personal trainer some years ago and I have always found that this approach helps my own motivation.

As I type each chapter I like to try and make sure that the grammar and punctuation is as accurate as I can make it, to try to cut down editing time later in the process. I had found as I was typing that when giving a person their rank (emperor, captain, sergeant, etc.) sometimes I was using a capital letter at the start of it and sometimes I wasn’t. This was because I wasn’t sure when and where to capitalise these titles.

I fixed it in the same way I fixed last weeks issue, I contacted the professional author I know and asked him! This man has been a godsend to me and I cannot thank him enough for his help. The answer I got back was simple, only use capitals letters if:

1. If the rank is followed by a person’s name making it a title e.g Captain Kirk

2. When it is used to refer to a specific person instead of their name e.g the Captain

3. When the correct formal title is treated as a proper name e.g the Captain of the Guard

When a title is being used as a common noun then it is in lower case e.g Kirk was the only captain in the room.

So this has cleared up my issue for this week and I can type using proper grammar now.

Thanks for reading

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