Stuck in a Rut

This week I found that I was kind of stuck in a rut with regards to the writing of my book. I had written six chapters but seemed to be stuck there as I found that I kept reading and rereading these chapters changing bits and pieces every time and then rewriting and rereading again. Sometimes I would change some substantial part of one chapter and sometimes I would just change the way that a certain line was written, but I wasn’t really getting anywhere.

I asked an author, who I have been emailing, about this and was told that this is quite a common problem for new authors, getting fixated on what they have written rather than writing the story and then dealing with the changes. He advised me to put away the chapters that I had written and start getting the rest of the story down on paper before going back and working on stitching things together.

I then encountered another problem while trying to write the next chapter. Up until this point I would think of an idea and just start to write and would let the story almost write itself, but I found while writing this next chapter that I wasn’t sure where I wanted the chapter to go. What I did then was sit and write a plan for the next three or four chapters, noting down ideas for how I picture these chapters to progress, even if I don’t fully stick to these plans at least I have some ideas jotted down to refer to if needed.

Anyway the seventh chapter is almost finished now and I will move straight on to the next one. I have a couple of friends who read over my chapters and give me their honest opinions on what they think so I will get it printed out and get it out to them.

Fingers crossed that they enjoy this one as much as they have the others.

Thanks for reading.


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